A nurturing space for learning and exploring agro-ecological farming practices!


At Belavala Parisara Kendra, we have well documented and promising crop models that thrive under local conditions and have a sustained year-round yield. Our models follow the key principles of eco-friendly farming practices.


Soil Rejuvenation: Proven ways and means of improving the soil organic carbon content; moisture holding capacity; soil health and fertility accomplished through biomass recycling and crop mulching without chemical inputs.












Food Forestry: Influence of tree-based cropping systems incorporating more than 200 indigenous and acclimatised varieties of fruits, forestry trees, nuts, plantation crops, herbs, fodder crops, etc. Maximising their synergy in improving yields and reducing operational costs.

Crop Diversity: Mixed cropping, inter-cropping and crop rotation practices comprising of cereals, pulses, oil seeds and vegetables; growing catch-and-trap crops thereby increasing the potential for increased income; reducing the risk of crop failure and regulating pests and diseases.


Farm Diversity: Integrating various components that support one another based on the strength of local resources and market opportunities. E.g: Livestock farming, dairy, fish farming, on-farm value addition etc.