A nurturing space for learning and exploring agro-ecological farming practices!

Plant Nursery & Seeds

Belavala Ecological Farm has a rich diversity of fruits, Spices, Plantation crops and Vegetables. As and when these varieties are tested for their adaptation and yield potentiality , they have been under multiplication by adopting different methods of propagation like cuttings, budding, grafting , layering etc. Similarly local and heirloom varieties of vegetable crops are also under multiplication on a seasonal basis.

Presently, fruit saplings of Mangoes, Jack, Guava, Sapota, Jamun ( Nerale), Gooseberry, Fig, Rose apples, Water apples, Malayan apple, Star apple, Avocados ( Butter fruit), Custard apple, Pomelos, Peanut butter fruit and many more are available for sales.

Local and heirloom vegetable crop seeds of Tomato, Beans, Cluster beans, Brinjal ( Egg plant), Okra , Sponge gourd, Ridge gourd, Snake gourd, Bitter gourd, Cow peas etc are available for sale based on the stock.