A nurturing space for learning and exploring agro-ecological farming practices!

Hands-on Programmes:

Practical training on agro-ecological farming practices for groups not exceeding 30 members for a duration of 1-2 days. Topics include;

  • Crop Planning: Guiding farmers in design and layout; selection of suitable species and combinations based on soil type; agro-climatic conditions; water resources and market demand.

  • Preparation and Usage of Bio-inputs: Providing information on processes and ingredients to prepare Bio-compost, Biodigester extract, Jeevamrutha, Rasasara, Panchaghavya and various other plant extracts as well as explaining their role in meeting nutritional requirements of crops; management of pests and diseases.

  • Organic Seeds and Nursery: Bio-intensive practices involved in production and conservation of local and open pollinated varieties of vegetables and fodder seeds; production of grafts and saplings of fruits and herbs using local root stocks and scions.

  • Bee Keeping: Honey bees are nature’s pollinators. Maintaining bee colonies in the farm will have a positive impact on crop yields. We organise hands-on training to farmers on beekeeping by inviting experts in the field.























  • Grading, Packaging and On-farm Value Addition: Methodical grading and packaging of farm produce, particularly fruits and vegetables helps in increasing farm income by 30%. Issues related to eco-friendly grading, packaging and value addition at the farm level will be taught by experts.



  • Urban Farming: Educating urban populations to lead a healthy lifestyle by raising home and herbal gardens.

Programmes for Schools and Colleges

A one day open classroom for students of different age groups to introduce them to the joys and benefits of eco-friendly farming.


Farm Tour

At Belavala Parisara Kendra, we also organise half-day walk-through tours of an active organic farm to present different crop models, exhibit eco-friendly processes and practices, and engage in discussions with farmers and farming enthusiasts to familiarise them with the basics of ecological farming systems and practices.


Please contact us for orderly planning of the programme in advance.

Location: Belavala Parisara Kendra, Belagula, Mysuru-KRS Road, Srirangapatna Tq, Mandya District.

Email: belevalafoundation@gmail.com

Contact: 8762790112; 9620999203: 9632039866